NEFG14 statement

Firstly, all members of the NEFG14 planning group condemn all forms of oppression, and do not condone racism, disablism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism…etc or combinations thereof.

The NEFG planning group is made up of volunteers for whom running NEFG is one of many commitments. We have varied opinions on what took place at NEFG14; we have varied opinions on lots of things! As a group we have used the feedback provided both by attendees and non-attendees of NEFG14 to reflect on what we can and can’t offer;

  • We can offer a venue, food and a variety of workshops that women can engage with as they choose,
    and evening entertainment.
  • We can offer the chance for women to discuss and agree ‘ground rules’ and trust women to try and follow them.
  • We try to offer the safest space that we can, but in light of the above, we are unable to ‘police’ the space of NEFG.

NEFG14 was a huge commitment for the women involved in organising it, and many of us have spoken individually to women that have provided feedback, however, this is our only, and final group statement.

We invite you to get involved next year in planning for NEFG15 (watch this space!) - you can be the change you wish
to see.

Until planning for NEFG15 starts NEFG planning group members will not be engaging on either twitter or facebook.

The weekend was full of creativity, discussion, laughter and learning. Thank you for coming and sharing the experience.

In solidarity,
NEFG14 planning group.