Is NEFG open to trans women?
Yes, NEFG is fully committed to trans inclusivity. We are a Gathering for all women.

What if I can't pay for entry?
We'd hate anyone to be kept out by money. Just shoot us an email at explaining that you can't pay and we'll get you a ticket for free.

Will NEFG be catered?
Lunch will be provided for £5 on the Saturday. It will be vegetarian. Any other dietary concerns or needs, please let us know.

What about childcare?
NEFG will provide a creche for children under 12 during the daytime, but you need to let us know in advance asap how many children you're bringing and how old they are. If your child for some reason cannot travel or needs specialist care, get in touch and we'll see if we can contribute to that cost.

Where can I stay?
NEFG organisers and friends are opening their homes up to attendees coming from further away, you just need to get in touch to be allocated a bed / sofa / mattress on the floor. If you'd rather stay at a hotel or hostel, we can provide a list of nice local places.

Can I buy a ticket for one day?
Sadly not. We think the prices are pretty good already and trying to be self supporting.

What if I buy a ticket and can't attend?
Let us know as soon as you can and if it's not too late we'll refund your ticket and put it on sale again.

What is an Open Mary?
Open Mary is the feminist Open Mic. An evening of entertainment by and for the attendees of NEFG. If you feel moved to, just get up and sing us a song, read us a poem, tell us a story, do a little dance - whatever you like really !

How accessible is NEFG?
The West End Women and Girls' Center is fully wheelchair accessible, with a big lift and accessible toilets on every floor. We are going to try and get BSL interpreters where needed too - if you would like this please let us know in advance.

When is the North East Feminist Gathering 2014?
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th October 2014

How much are tickets?
Unwaged: £5.00 (+ £1.00 fees)
Low wage / Student: £10.68 (+ £1.32 fees)
Waged: £16.14 (+ £1.86 fees)

Where can I purchase a ticket?
You can purchase a ticket for the weekend by clicking HERE